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Business Consultancy & Innovation, based in Hastings, East Sussex, works exclusively with start-up and existing small business seeking to scale up and grow.




With The Right Approach, Great Things Can Happen

It's not having the idea or even getting it going that's the hard bit, it's keeping it going and not having stuff everywhere that's critical to a start-up or a small scale business.

We built Business Consultancy & Innovation to help start-up and small business owners navigate their way through the pitfalls of systems, processes and integration so they can see their company flourish and business, teams, profits and customers grow.

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we support you across the UK wherever you need us.

What We Offer

We can support you with consulting on pretty much everything within your business, our real core competencies lay in the following key services. 

Workflows and systems

Workflows That Work

Knowing where each customer is in your service or sales cycle is crucial. We work with you to build simple, optimised, workflows that reduce admin, speed up the day to day and most importantly deliver an excellent experience for your customers and team.

Software and charts

Software Not Nightmare

It's pretty common for small businesses, or those starting up, to slowly acquire more and more software that is put in place to do just a single task. This leads to lots of different systems that are expensive, don't mix well and drag you down. We work with you to trim it down and have just want you need.

Winning processes

Processes That Deliver

"Well that's how we've always done it"... Possibly the main reason given to explain an existing process that just sort of appeared. We want to help you map a need, scope how it adds value, test it, use it, upgrade it, review it. Most of all we want it to be simple and exist for a reason.

Automation tools

Smart Automation Tools

The ultimate goal for those wanting to scale is to automate your repeating tasks to free you up to focus on your overall business. Whether it's greeting customers online, invoicing, asking for reviews or anything else, if it can be automated then it should be considered and implemented. 

Built on experience learned the hard way.

When you talk to us we will likely be able to tell you how we learned the hard way first before iterating and building solutions that worked. We've have personally worked within corporates, financial services, Med Tech, Legal services, Sports, Start-Ups and SMEs and can draw on our well earned experience to help you in your ventures.

Speak to Business Consultancy & Innovation to take from our learnings and experience without having to spend the time doing it the hard way.




Using our favourite tools

We're not saying these have to be the tools for you, if you do want to see the types of products we like to use to create great scaling businesses, then here are a few of our favourites.

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What Our Clients Say About Business Consultancy & Innovation

"As a local start-up in Hastings, East Sussex, I needed support on getting something in place to manage my workflows and customers... Can't recommend enough"

East Sussex Wills

"We needed help with moving from an existing, fragmented, set of process to something slicker and cheaper. Business Consultancy & Innovation helped us do just that, thank you so much..."

Martial Arts Hastings

"I didn't know where to start with website creation or systems to use, having been introduced to WIX I'm know getting my business up and running and I'm super excited!"

HR Outsourcing


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A website can only go so far in helping you figure out the type of people we are and what consultancy services we can offer your business. 

We offer free initial consultations to our potential new clients, customers, CEO's, Founders and people named Dave, Sarah, Jo, etc.

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